IAP and OF-1 at the PUG Baltic 2024

IAP and OF-1 at the PUG Baltic 2024

PUG Baltic

On this year’s PUG Baltic, Klaus de Vries and Stefan Freystätter from IAP will talk about the benefits of OF-1 in modernizing OpenEdge based software.


The PUG Baltic will take place on May 22nd, 2024 in Tallinn. In the Astra building of Tallinn University, various experts will give interesting presentations about current trends in the world of Progress. Following an instructive introduction by representatives of Progress, participants will in numerous presentations learn more about current developments around OpenEdge and possibilities of practical application.


FinPUG Workshop

One day earlier, on May 21st, the FinPUG Workshop in Helsinki will focus on the topic of database optimization. Under the guidance of Paul Koufalis (White Star Software), participants will learn methods to significantly improve their own database performance.


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