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  • Consulting service include analysing existing systems and infrastructure and discuss the client needs, to define solutions, for software and infrastructure
  • Training on the job offers a great source of information from our consultants – they teach and work in the project, offering both, in project development and training on the job
  • Our programmers enjoy an excellent reputation and are recognised as highly-qualified specialists
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Do you want to alter or adjust existing systems or are you looking for a solution? The first step in the process is a consultation session during which we systematically analyse structures and demonstrate a variety of possible solutions – e.g. creation of software concepts, system architecture or prototypes. Our professional consultants are at your disposal for this service. We provide active support for your employees during the implementation phase of solutions either on site or remotely. Specific training for your project enables your employees to work independently with new modules. Our entire team provides support so that any difficulties can be rectified immediately. So why not use our coaching team! If necessary, our employees will take an active part in programming on your premises. Alternatively, we can deploy a team within your company to carry out and install your complete project. Our programmers enjoy an excellent reputation and are recognised as highly-qualified specialists in this sector.

OF-1 (Object Framework – One) / Tools4Progress

  • OF-1, the field proven OpenEdge framework, enables world-class productivity for OpenEdge developer teams
  • It is a great ecosystem for digital transformation, and to build applications, to modernize, and to create AddOns for web (HTML5) and mobile (native Apps)
  • Soft transformation is IAPs unique approach which allows a seamless migration from existing applications to web-enabled systems, avoiding the pitfall of double development and maintenance in 2 teams
IAP GmbH Services
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We are constantly adapting, developing, expanding and updating the latest applications for our customers: e.g. OF-1 as an OpenEdge framework with Multi-UI (.NET, Java, HTML5) and many other tools (PCase, Viper, Skin-Client) integrated into OpenEdge Architect.This provides OF-1 users with optimum productivity, which we support with training and transfer of technology. In this way, you remain up to date and can always meet changing market requirements! Further information can be found here.

Out migration strategy avoid the pitfall of maintaining two applications (“new”/”old”) during the transformation time. What we offer is working parallel with existing and new build programs, until the day when enough of the application is modernized. Then the applciation can instantly switch to SaaS / Internet mode.

OF-1 can reuse a lot of existing business and screen logic. That allows the soft transformation process to be very fast. We offer workshops where we demostrate the abilities with customer data – let us convince you!

IAP GmbH Services


Mobile data acquisition, ERP informational systems, PIMs, B2B are an important components of most companys digital strategay, online and offline. Technologies for App developent IAP uses:

  • NativeScript native cross platform App development in JavaScript and Angular
  • Codename One native cross plattform Apps in Java
  • Native Apps in Java and Objective C / Swift
  • HTML5 plattformas for hybrid Apps

Progress OpenEdge database tuning

The OpenEdge database is basically self maintained and simple to handle, so a lot of DB server run with default settings easy. But sometimes more is needed…

  • Tuning: When a database is extremly large, has high user count, runs on limited hardware or needs high data throughput, then tuning is necessary. This individual service will analyse DB, hardware, infrastructure, usage pattern and find out how to optimize the system.
  • Data rescue: Hard or software problems may damage parts of the DB (or whole DB). This must be handled with care and foresight, to rescue the database and the data. Our consultants have many years of experience and a keen intuition on DB and computer systems.
IAP GmbH Services
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Optimisation of existing databases is becoming increasingly important due to rapidly growing demand. We consequently devote considerable energy to careful database tuning for existing OpenEdge databases. Our service includes initial analysis of existing infrastructures, i.e the server, CPU, RAM, hard drives, SAN, networks, etc. We then check the database itself, in particular the DB parameters, the installation of DB files (storage areas) and log file records. We can even identify weaknesses in particular applications without needing access to the source codes. Experience has taught us that there is always at least one main problem to which we apply an appropriate solution working in cooperation with your infrastructure experts or the manufacturer.

IAP GmbH Services


  • SonicMQ – Design archtitecture and realisation of the ESB, that means inststallation, setup, programming transformations and define irchestrations
  • BizTalk – Programming of solutions, like importing data into MS Dynamics CRM, importing data into SharePoint and so forth
  • Technical process design – Planning of system wide processes, API defintion and realisation
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Companies use ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) to simplify integration of heterogenous systems and for reuse of business components with their service oriented architecture.A core capability of ESBs is exchange and transformation of data. Data is collected and transmitted using connectors (Web Service, REST, File, MS Dynamics, SAP…). Business processes and automasation is realized in workflow components and orchestrations.
IAP has expertise from various larger projects in the area of SOA and infrastructure. These projects are realized with Sonic ESB and BizTalk, where the whole project life cycle is covered.BizTalk was used in MS Dynamics CRM projects, together with SharePoint. Import, export and synchronisations had be realized and various systems are connected through adapters (SFTP, REST, File…).

Hosting / VMs / infrastructure

We provide the infrastructure solutions required for the development and operation of projects in the software as a service (SaaS) field via virtual machines. Virtual machines can be used, for example, for developing your applications with OF-1, for taking part in training and workshops and for the delivery of finished solutions.

IAP GmbH Services

Further key topics

Our expert services in the following areas include project planning, design and practical implementation.
Version control systems: online hosting of SVN and CVS repositories with SSL security for national and international customers.
Further languages and technologies: Java, C, C++, C#, Objective C, PHP, .NET
JMeter load tests: scalability testing for web applications
Web hosting: HTML, Webspeed, PHP, Perl, MySQL, email servers and email lists
We can only give you a brief overview of our service spectrum here. Please contact us for more information concerning our range of services!