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Everything for building modern apps with HTML5 and Java UI

Pure OO ABL coding for fast success

Everything for building modern apps with HTML5 and JAVA UI - Pure OO ABL coding for fast success
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With Skin-Client you create a HTML5 or Java UI using modern OE OO API in the same way as you create a dynamic widget in OpenEdge. The UI is acting like a Proxy or a view in MVC. The UI is running very lightweight in a browser (HTML5, Java Applet) or on the desktop (Java stand alone).
Any application and trigger code is programmed in 4GL/ABL, the Skin-Client is only visualizing data. It is the ‘V’ in MVC.

A Progress backend sends short commands to the Skin-Client. The Skin-Client renders the screens and send back user events like mouse clicks. The communication is done using socket connect or via http/https.

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Skin-Client Object Controller

The Object Controller is the API to Progress and keeps the backend small. The presentation logic of the application feeds the Object Controller with information for the UI elements. As it is possible to attach any existing OpenEdge application to the Object Controller you find it easy to integrate it into your own framework.

Technical Overview


  • Lastet Version: 3.1 (May 2017)
  • Supports: Java 7+
  • Based on: JQuery, JQuery UI, JqWidgets, Knockout
  • Supported OpenEdge versions: OE 10.1x – 11.x
  • Tomcat 7+

Feature Overview


  • Zero Footprint
  • Secure communication over https
  • OS indepedent
  • No Java or JavaScript knowledge needed
  • OpenEdge OO API, full OpenEdge Studio Integration
  • Simple deployment
  • Very Low network impact