OF-1 Version History

OF-1 is being constantly developed

Version 4.4 comes with new features and architectural improvements.


Flow Container: Introducing a new container type bridging to responsive design, that allows automated placement of its widgets based on the available space. The placement can be refined with the grouping feature, keeping widgets coherent in content together.

PASOE as OF-1 client runtime: This strong improvement allows the PASOE MultiSessionAgent to be used as OF-1 runtime environment. The necessity of a dedicated broker for client side handling is removed, simplyfing the architectural complexity.

Multi-Tab HTML5 applications: From this release on HTML5 application sessions can be run in multiple browser tabs. Consquently the connected tabs can be used in multi-screen setups, updating each others connected data views.

Accordion: In this new component widgets can be placed in horizontal tabs, that can be collapsed and expanded according to the users needs.

Extended Filter: The extended filter is a customizable filter object showing in an external screen. This allows to create more complex filters that can be saved as presets, providing faster results for commonly used queries.