OF-1 is the reliable, high-performance and UI-independent “Full Lifecycle Development Environment” for OpenEdge.

OF-1 is the reliable, high-performance and ui-independent “full lifecycle development environment” for OpenEdge.
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OF-1 Framework / Productivity Suite


OF-1 is a developer framework for OpenEdge 10.x and 11.x that enables individuals and teams to develop local enterprise level systems, SaaS applications, Web UI’s in Java and HTML5 from 1 single ABL source code!

It brings Application modernisation with migration possibilities from Character, Standard Progress Client/Server, ADMx, DWP, Dynamics and much more – and is a great Application Developer Productivity Tool. It is also often used for Add-Ons to existing ERP Systems like MFG/Pro or proALPHA.

The OF-1 Productivity Suite consists of the core product as framework, PCase as ERD diagrammer and source-code generator and Skin-Client as SaaS-ready solution. They all focus on productivity and allow you to grow with your needs.

SaaS: Using the multiple UI features of OF-1 allows you to bring your application to the Web automatically. These applications are SaaS-ready by design! And with the Java Skin Client UI and the HTML5 Client UI you get zero footprint deployment.

If you like to know more… we offer a free presentation with demo via internet, it will take only 1 h of your time. Please send a mail to ed.pa1532268241i@1-f1532268241o1532268241 or call +49 (0) 40 – 30 68 03 – 0.

Video Tutorials

This series of OF-1 video tutorials covers the basic operations.

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This live demo will demonstrate the incredible ability of OF-1 to use various UIs.
There is no better way to enable OpenEdge programs for SaaS on the web!


This version of the HTML5 client is based on standard javascript and HTML5 libraries, like jQuery. It supports a wide range of modern webbrowsers.

Suggestions or questions

If you have a suggestion or a question regarding OF-1, our HTML5 or Java Skin-Client, please use our feedback form.

Migration from existing systems

How to get from old code or any existing repository to OF-1?
Repository based application

We will read it and transform the data to our repository data. Code Hooks (or User Exits) will be imported and converted.
We will have migration strategies for all major Progress repository based systems soon.

Classical application

Here we analyse the database with PCase to get a major picture. The code is analysed as far as we can go, to convert as much as possible automatically. Screens will be captured and stored in the repository.

Developer Interest

No black box, please

OF-1 ships with “Source Code Included” – that gives full insight in every detail – if wanted.

Remove unproductive, repeatable tasks

Focus on Business Logic and bullet-proof programming. The handling of the overall framework is easy to learn.

State of the art programs

The customer and the user wishes everything. Support for multiple UIs, SaaS, AppServer, flexible deployment options and complex Business Logic in ABL. The Framework will take away the technical complexity from your task (.NET UI, Java Skin-Client, HTML5, AppServer, Deployment).

Do more in your time

With OF-1 you will be smarter and faster.

OF-1 Interface

Open Edge Architect Integration

Do everything in one place – and this place is the OEA.
The development elements got a complete redesign for the integration into the Architect.
The OO technology of the ABL was used to build a fast and flexible system which can use all of the advantages of the Architect.
Everything you need to create applications in an easy way is just one click away or visible all the time.