Product1st UserAdditional UserCompany LicensePlatform Licence
PCase2199 € 589 € 8399 €
Skin-Client4000 € 3000 €16000 €
Viper750 €260 €3500 €(Platform Windows included)
Viper4Unix [1]2250 €
[1]: The Viper platform licence includes remote help for set-up, installation, advice (how to adapt reports from Windows to Unix) and recompile (if needed). You can use it with your application on an unlimited number of servers. If you own OF-1 then Viper for the licenced developers and for all platforms is included.

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Maintenance and support licence

An additional maintenance and support licence costs 20% of the basic prices per year (plus 19% VAT – if you live in the EU and have no IDENT-No.)
Surcharge for not continuous maintenance per 12-month-period: +10%
Support: per EMail (preferred) or telephone
The licence contains telephone-support and the right to receive further program-versions for free


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