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Viper – Simply create reports in 4GL (Version 3.3 from July 2015)

Viper – Simply create reports in 4GL
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Viper empowers developer to run reports in 4GL in a fast and easy way. The run time of Viper is available for Windows and Linux/Unix in both 32 and 64 bit and compatible with OpenEdge from 9.x to 11.x.
Viper: Create reports with OpenEdge program

Create reports with OpenEdge program

The report layout can be created in two ways. First way is a pure programmable way, where the developer has full control over the report. The repeating functionality could be encapsulated in a unique way into OpenEdge code.

Design reports with designer

Second way of report design is with the Viper Designer, which is used to define base layouts. Still the full power of the 4GL in this reports is available, but you can access the design like a library. The design is filled with content (merge process) from 4GL.

Viper: Design reports with designer

Technical background

Technically Viper is a DLL, which is loaded from the 4GL. The interface is encapsulated into a 4 GL API and access to the layout from the Viper Designer is given through an interactive 4GL interface. We deliver a viewer for the report format, but creating PDF for cloud and SaaS printing is easy.

Viper: Technical background

In Windows we use the printer driver. In Unix we can deliver PostScript or PDF. Viper is a long term stable product and under maintenance since 1997.

Technical Overview


  • Latest Version: 3.3
  • OS: Anywhere OpenEdge is supported
  • Bit: 32 and 64
  • Supported OpenEdge versions: OE11.x
  • PROGRESS versions: V8.2 to V11.x



  • WYSIWYG: Graphical viewing and printing with PROGRESS
  • Flexible: Printing is complete definable and programmable
  • Controlled: Dataprocessing in PROGRESS
  • Fast and flexible
  • No Run-Time licence costs
  • Available for Windows and Unix
  • Support for WebSpeed (PDF)
  • Support for the cloud
  • Support direct printing and preview in Windows



  • by the line printing (like PROGRESS V6)
  • font selection by name (TrueType)
  • coloured text
  • fontsize selection in half-points
  • text-orientation (centered, left-, right-aligned)
  • text in bold, italic, underlined, strikeout
  • free text-positioning on page
  • lines in different variations
  • rectangles in different variations
  • images (bmp, jpeg, wmf/emf)
  • define space before and after a group
  • enforce landscape page format
  • enforce automatic word wrap