OpenEdge Legacy Maintenance

The backbone of your company

Legacy software keeps the operation running, it is a stable platform with tried-and-tested processes. Your legacy system may represent a competitive advantage, a change may hurt your business and replacing a legacy system can be expensive and is high risk.

We feel that if it is not broken, why fix it?

IAP GmbH Services

Customer Cases

  • Over the last years we learned a lot about legacy systems and took over the maintenance of several systems.
  • These systems use various OpenEdge techologies and ways of programming: CHUI, ADM/ADM2, bespoke programming, Webspeed and so on.
  • The usage of the systems is widespread: ERP software, production planning, master data maintenace, customer information, time recording and so on.
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  • CHUI ERP System: This ERP software drives the production of a manufacturer of special machines. The company which delivered the application is no longer in service. We do the full maintenance and development for this software.
  • Order System: ADM/ADM2 based software for ordering. We maintain everything and add functionality like SEPA or mail campaign modes. We got the contract for the maintenance, because our services are better than the service of the original supplier.
  • Master Data Maintenance System: This software keeps master data in sync for several partner companies in a cooperative. It is an ADM2 based application. We add complete new modules and do performance tuning of the DB, server and application. The company is short on programming capacity, so they handed it over to us.
  • CHUI ERP Modernization: This ERP is the result of bespoke programming. When their programmer was no longer available, we took over the maintenance and in parallel we modernized some screens. The other screens are still in CHUI and work seamlessly together with the new ones.
  • Webspeed Information System: Maintaining a large customer information system build with Webspeed. Although the customer has created new systems around this solution, this Legacy System is still crucial. After importing and updating data (status updates and so on), is send these data to a lot of other systems – including the new ones.
  • Time Recording System: We took over the maintenance of this system because the customer was unsatisfied with the former maintenance supplier. Additionally, we expanded the existing system with a Web Module and an App for entering time recordings directly at the workplace.

Establish the maintenance process

  • Establishing the maintenance process for an existing OpenEdge project is a process, which allows us to maintain any legacy software after short time.
  • The process starts with care investigation and bringing the source under control, so that we are able to rebuild the todays running application.
  • From that position we start to fix small issues, then impement first new features and gain more and more control over the software.
IAP GmbH Services
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To establish the maintenance process for an existing OpenEdge project, we use the following process:

  • Making Inventory: We investigate what kind of software exists, which framework ws used. Then we get an overview of the databases and servers and we talk with the customer about their needs, wishes and today’s problems.
  • Obtain Source Control: Set up a repository (like SVN) on the customers server, letting the customer have full control.
  • Ticket System: We set up an instance of our ticket system (Bugtracker). Any change will be checked into SVN and assigned a ticket number.
  • Prepare Staging: The development process is normally divided into 3 stages: 1) Development, which we do 2) Test, where mostly customer is working and 3) Live, which is handled by the customer or by us.
  • Source consolidation: We look for files which often have similar meaning (.pf), duplicate files and multiple versions. These sources will be simplified and consolidated.
  • Small Changes: The first work we do in a project is to fix bugs, add fields or performance tune the programs.
  • Ongoing Work: At the next level, we do reports and extend UI programs. We do more and more complex work, until we are able to change main programs in a way.

Improvements and Enhancements

  • DB and System Tuning: Go through the DB and the server systems to improve speed. Find the big issues in import, export or interactive user problems.
  • Create Add Ons: The power of the 4GL makes it easy to extend the application with brand new technologies without changing anything in the core. This can be Web Add Ons (B2B, B2C, Sharepoint integration…), mobile Add Ons (Apps for Mobile Devices) or (mostly) anything else you can imagine. To get more information about the possibilities, please look here: Services or here: OF-1.
  • Step by Step Migration: The final option is migration. Using our OF-1 system we can migrate an application screen by screen. During the migration period you can use both the old and new parts together.

IAP skills in (legacy) OpenEdge

IAP has specialized in Progress OpenEdge for over 20 years. Our consultancy skills range from CHUI to OpenEdge GUI for .NET and from WebSpeed to HTML5.

Over the last years we have gained deep knowledge about individual OpenEdge CHU and GUI systems, about OE Frameworks like ADM, ADM2 and Dynamics and about other OE extensions and technologies like WebSpeed, and WebClient.

Today the maintenance and support of legacy applications is a major part of our business.

We would like to talk with you about your case.
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