OF-1 Release 4.5

OF-1 Release 4.5

We are excited to show you the highlights of release 4.5 for OF-1.


OF-1 is the only field proven Low-Code Multi-UI Framework for OpenEdge, where all coding – including for HTML5 UI – is done with OE ABL (OO style). Since 2005 we are improving our framework constantly by maintenance and adding new features.

Highlights of of the latest release are new modernization tools, improved mobile development capabilities paired with many other exiting improvements like a new webbrowse component or enhanced backend functionality.

Embedded Mode
Old client messages
Response on client messages

Modernization tools

The first feature is the Embedded Mode, that allows the embedding of OF-1 screens into older business applications. Offering customizable base modules for example CRM, DMS or Workflows OF-1 can add new features to your proven system.


But this feature can be used for modernization purposes, too. Reworking ERP systems can take quite a long time with restricted capability of releasing new versions, taking up loads of ressources if you want to do a fast migration. By embedding OF-1 screens into your existing application you can replace all elements step by step without choking its usability, even allowing a parallel use of the old and new screens for testing the screens and training your employees for some time, before removing the old screens.

Another great feature that can be applied in modernization processes is 'Response on Client Messages'. Often legacy business logic contains user input commands with no seperation of client/server layers, that is recommended for upgrading to web technologies.


In older structures the business logic has no seperation from the UI. Messages are transferred directly to the UI, where the user enters a response. When upgrading to web technologies you need to seperate the UI from the business logik and provide a proper communication system.




With the 'Response on client message' feature, from now on old business logic can be reworked quickly, by sending future requests to the OF-1 Message System, which provides a stable interface without having to deal with any web technologies. The messages are delivered to the client side UI and the user input is returned back to the business layer.

Mobile development

Today mobile applications can be found anywhere. When transferring enterprise solutions into pocket format, there are many hurdles to be taken.

To make development for mobile easier we introduce the Mobile Desktop Creator. This new creator is specialized on mobile design, speeding up the design process and enhancing mobile presentation. This is done by replacing classical desktop components by mobile components by default and taking the screen size of the mobile device into account.


Adding the new Flow Design, a more dynamic rendering of the UI components moves into OF-1. Flow Design reacts to visibility changes of UI elements and resizing of the screen to optimize the UI for each individual case.

New / changed components

We created a new webbrowse component, because the old webbrowse component was based on the internet explorer, which will no longer be maintained by microsoft. Additionally old internet explorer added some restrictions to our component, thus we decided this outdated technology is not suitable for a future safe framework anymore. Introducing the new C# based webbrowse in Release 4.5 that is completly rework from scratch was one of our goals for this release.


We also improved the theming of the combo-box and accordion component, to improve look and feel of OF-1.

Enhanced programming features

Our Skin-Client was tweak for better performance, also bringing a new feature.

The first one is a new "SU" Event Status, allowing a screen to stay in Update mode after performing a save action. This may be helpful for more advanced screens, as you may need to create a record in the database to add related information, that needs a reference to the the record that was just created.


Release 4.5 also contains a new version of the mGetDefault() Hook, now beeing distinguished between server and client side with seperate implementation. This allows the the Business Entity Method to be called with different sources, for example when using multiple different containers in your screen. The old implementation needed a workaround the differentiate the sources and choose the right entity on the server.


Bugfixes and misc.

Release 4.5 fixes some issues in the designer as focussing and displaying some elements was inconsistent. Quitting and restarting made some problems, only reacting to a forced shutdown of the designer. Additionally the theme management is available again inside of the designer, as last Skin-Client update restricted accessing the theme management in the designer.


If you have questions, need an update of your OF-1 installation or would like to get a demo, please send a mail to or call +49 40 30 68 03 11.

Detailed information about OF-1 could be found here: https://www.iap.de/of-1/

Alexander Siemann, Sept. 2022